Martin D Fairbairn (F-1)

FatherDouglas K Fairbairn (1913 - 2007)
MotherKathleen M Withey
Y-DNA DetailOnly Martin, of all the lineage 1 Fairbairns, has 641 = 10 (j) (although one of the two FARRIS matches also does so), so this is assumed to define the line of at least John, son of Archibald and Janet (SCOTT), given that a descendant of John's brother Archibald has the modal value of 641=11 (k) (as does Michael (F-16) a descendant of Archibald (married Janet SCOTT)'s assumed brother Walter).
Martin's results, although sharing 391=9 and 520=21, do not share 534 = 18, which is presumably why a clustering program (Neighbor, part of the Phylip package) branches Martin's line prior to where the rest of Lineage 1a meet, rather than matching him more closely to his papertrail relations F-14, F-29, F16. 
WebLinkClick here to see further information on Martin D and his/her family in the One Name Study. 
Lineage(Testee)Martin was found to be part of Fairbairn Lineage 1e, click here for chart. 
Link2HaploGrpInfo(Group)Click here to see those sharing Martin's haplogroup I-BY21380 confirmed, along with three others in Lineage 1e who have tested BigY, this being a newly created (Feb 2018) subgroup of the prior I-Y32666/I-BY21365 which is currently the parent group of the SNP tested yDNA matching Fairbairns and Elliotts who are also tested BigY. 
DNAat(Matches)Martin D's atDNA results show matches to: Michael (F-16) and Candice Fairbairn FM-2; both Michael and Candice having double doses of Fairbairn genes to account for their matching Martin where closer relations don't meet the usual matching criteria. 
DNAClick here to see the dna results for Martin D and the other FAIRBAIRNs on these Supplementary DNA pages - may have to page down to appropriate haplogroup. 
ChartsLineage 1e DNA "Signature" John & Bessie (fflint) FAIRBAIRN
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