Fairbairn Lineage 1

FatherFairbairn Lineages; Haplogroup I1
WebIntroWith the number of results, and the phylogenetic tree now drawn, the distinction between "clump 1 and "clump 2" has been removed, leaving just the lineage numbering instead, which will change over time with more results. This latter is not heirarchical but may indicate distance from the modal.
The groupings have been redone as at Feb 2013, leaving the majority of results in Lineage 1a which covers the modal for the Borders FAIRBAIRNs, along with all those where there is no obvious subgroup on slower moving markers as yet.
Where a slower marker has shown up a grouping a new lineage has been defined.

None of which allows us to overcome the lack of paper trails to join up the families sensibly.

Anyone got any good ideas, or better still a "missing link" representative to answer all the puzzles?
WebLink(DNAResults)Click here to see overall dna results for this surname project. 
WebSummaryLineage 1 is Haplogroup I1, terminal SNP I-M253. See ISOGG for the Feb 2013 Haplogroup I1 tree, regularly updated as information arrives.
The two of our members who have joined the I1 Y-DNA Haplogroup project as well as our FAIRBAIRN one have been included, on the basis of their STR results, in the group marked as "I1-AS (generic)) consider ordering Z58, Z63 & DF29"
which is currently also assumed to apply to the two of the matching participants that within the overall I1 haplogroup tree listed as L22- , M21-, M227- , M253+ , M72- , P109- , P259-
Follow the project diary for updates as we progress down the tree towards present day with our selected representative for this testing.
Last Edited3 Mar 2013