George Fairbairn **

(say 1745 - )
Assumed fatherJames ? Fairbairn ?? (say 1715 - ); James is a name guessed from naming pattern of George & Janet's known children
Assumed motherJanet ?? (say 1720 - )
WebIntroAs of Oct 2011, the analysis below would seem to be redundant.
John (marr. Helen ANDERSON) appears to belong to haplogroup R1b1 instead of the I1 all of the tested lines mentioned below belong to.
Some trees assign the George who married Janet Murray to the family of John and Helen (Anderson) Fairbairn, whose son George was born Nenthorn, 1750.
The date is possible (George would be 19 at the birth of his first child), naming pattern, although completely fallible, would however indicate parents named James and Janet. There aren't any immediatlely obvious records surviving for a couple of this name in the right timeframe and place, although there are two in Gordon who married in 1718

Some assign George to Robert F. and Margaret Paterson.
Assuming there was only one couple of that name around this time, they married 1778, so seem unlikely, although
Patrick (F-8), the representative in the DNA project for the family of Thomas (marr. Elspeth REDPATH), which Thomas is often assumed to belong to Robert & Margaret (PATERSON) FAIRBAIRN, is a slightly more distant match, but still within a subbroup of the DNA project having marker 570 = 18.

Many also state George, father of James m. Helen Goodfellow, was born 1770 or 1774 and died Duns.
Bear in mind that James' siblings were born 1769 thru 1784, or at the very least 1774 up, which discounts a 1770ish birth for George.

Does anyone know the sources supporting any of the more likely identifications?

If however, there was a missing first daughter Elizabeth for George and Janet, his parents could just possibly be James and Elizabeth (Purves) Fairbairn, which would tie in nicely with a father James being a brother to John (marr. Helen Anderson), as many trees claim this is where James married to Elizabeth (Purves) fits - apart from the fact that there is a reasonably solid paper trail back to James and Elizabeth from John (F-17), who is much nearer the Lineage 1 modal than the descendants of George & Janet (Murray) Fairbairn.

DNA evidence that shows a descendant of George ( Doug (F-6)) has an exact match to LE(F-31) whose ancestors look likely to be John & Christian (Wood) Fairbairn, some of whose children were born Nenthorn.
Recruit(AnotherWanted)The project would like to recruit another representative of this line.
A descendant of the proven son Robert would be very useful. Robert marr. Ann Curle, at Maxton, 1811, but it does rather look like candidates would be thin on the ground unless great grandson Robert had a son.
BirthGeorge Fairbairn ** was born say 1745 ?Sprouston, Roxburghshire, Scotland
MarriageHe married Janet Murray say 1768 ?Sprouston, Roxburghshire
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Janet Murray (say 1745 - )
  • Robert Fairbairn+ (cir. Mar 1781 - Nov 1856)
  • James Fairbairn *+ (Dec 1788 - Jan 1873); naming pattern fits, James (marr. Helen Goodfellow)'s age in census records fits the 1788 birth of a James to George and Janet, even though James' dth cert doesn't name his parents