Robert Fairbairn

(say 1745 - )
Assumed fatherRobert Fairbairn (1716 - )
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The assignment of Thomas to Robert and Margaret (Patterson) is based on a family history inherited by (F-8)'s father, and passed down from Thomas' dtr. It is however supported by the naming pattern of Thomas and Elspeth's children. Given that Thomas was born around 1790, and Robert and Margaret married in 1778, there is rather a large gap where other children would normally be, so this relationship may well be completely spurious.
BirthRobert Fairbairn was born say 1745 ?Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland
MarriageHe married Margaret Patterson 25 Jul 1778 Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland, entry reads: Compeared to proclamation in Order for marriage Robert Fairbairn & Margt Patterson both in this Parish Recd one shilling for the poor. 
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Margaret Patterson (say 1755 - )
  • Thomas Fairbairn **+ (cir. 1790 - ); from family information passed down from Thomas' daughter, supported by naming pattern of Thomas/Elspeth's children, and proximity