John A Fairbairn **

(Apr 1833 - Mar 1909)
FatherJohn Fairbairn * (cir. 1799 - 1847); Dna results rcvd Mar 2009 for William (F-12), a documented descendant of John, show an excellent match to Roy (F-3) a documented descendant of David's brother William.
This led to a theory that despite what John's 1st marriage, and death certificate stated (that his father was John or Jonathan), that the John A who married Sarah Ann Daughterty, then Charity Smithson is the son of David and Jane (Williamson) Fairbairn.
A new titbit (Dec 2009) however restores my faith in certificates somewhat as it indicates that David may well have been known as John, as both a David and a John are reported as millers at Farrelton, and both married to Jane Williamson
MotherJane Williamson (1794 - Dec 1876)
Recruit(NoLongerWanted)The project no longer needs a yDNA recruit to represent this line, although anyone else wishing to test their relationship to this line is welcome to join, particularly if tested autosomal DNA.
Descendants of this line have claimed to be cousins to descendants of the line of David and Jane (Williamson) Fairbairn, (now explained if you ignore John A's official marriage and death certificates, or decide that David was also known as John) and to the line of Robert and Elizabeth (Taylor) Fairbairn of Newcastle/Sunderland/Liverpool/London and Hoquiam, Washington State (still needing explanation).
Exactly how this relationship is constructed in a family tree is open to interpretation, but yes, descendants of John, John's uncle William, and of Robert are indeed dna matches. Possibly with a proven descendant of David and Charity in the proejct, further light would be shed on the John or David mystery?
For Robert's line to know of such a relationship (not obvious within a hundred years of the tree) does pose an interesting question as to where the link is.
BirthJohn A Fairbairn ** was born 15 Apr 1833 Grenville, Quebec, Canada, (death cert states 7 Sep 1834; Sep 1834 baptism of John to John Fairbairn says 15th Apr 1833.) 
MarriageHe married Sarah Ann Daughterty 1 May 1862 West Hawkesbury Twp?, Prescott Co, Ontario, Canada
MarriageJohn A Fairbairn ** married Charity Smithson 2 Jun 1877 Stillwater, Washington Co, MN, USA
DeathJohn A Fairbairn ** died 28 Mar 1909 Stillwater, Washington Co, MN, at age 75. 
WebSummaryThe Hoquiam Triangle: Way back in 2009 we had a supposed connection between Lineage 1e and a family in Hoquiam. It was eventually proven that they were different lines, of a more distantly connected set of Fairbairns.
This being from the dna results for William (F-12), a documented descendant of John A Fairbairn Snr of Stillwater, Washington Co, MN, with Bill showing as an excellent match to Roy (F-3), the descendant of John's uncle William, so all in lineage 1e (phew!) The relationship to the other side of the Hoquiam triangle is rather murkier however as the representative of the Sunderland side of the triangle, Joe (F-10), belongs to lineage 1c. Still related, but how?
The 3rd side of the triangle, represented by Joe (F-10), is showing closer relationships to the lineage 1 modal instead, which is currently (Feb 2013) matched by Bill(F-53), one of the Cockburnspath FAIRBAIRNs.
ChartsLineage 1e DNA "Signature" John & Bessie (fflint) FAIRBAIRN
Fairbairn/Flint lines represented by autosomal DNA tests
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Family 1

Sarah Ann Daughterty (cir. 1843 - bef. 1880)

Family 2

Charity Smithson (Mar 1847 - Jan 1920)
  • Russell S Fairbairn (Nov 1880 - aft. 1914)