Robert John Fairbairn (F-44)

FatherRobert Lincoln Fairbairn (Feb 1909 - )
MotherClara Leora Juvenal
WebIntroWith an excellent genetic match (66/67) between John(F-17), descendant of John and Jessie (JOHNSTON), and Stewart(F-38), descendant of James & Isabel (TAIT), it would seem likely that the suspected family group for John & Magdalen (BO) FAIRBAIRN shown on the Summary Patriarchs page may well be reality.

In addition Stewart(F-38) has exact matches (67/67) with Robert F(F-34), and (F-42), and (F-42) a highly probable paper trail match with a GD2 genetic match to RJ(Bob) F-44.

Stewart (F-38)'s line of James and Isobel (TAIT) is believed to track back to John and Magdalen (BO) of Lidgatehead, Fanns in Earlston in the early 1700s.
RF(Bob)F-34 represents the line of the Alexander and Isabella (AITCHISON), so far only traced back to James and Agnes (LINDSAY) with children born Ednam in the 1780s;
(F-42) represents the line of John and Helen (ATCHESON) who married in Edinburgh,and were rebuked for so doing in Legerwood in 1771, children born Smailholm, then Earlston, possibly Mellerstain.

No immediately obvious link presents itself between these three, but if Alexander is a family name for Bob's line, perhaps there's a link with one of the Alexanders contemporary with the John of Stewart's line.
The Alexander married to Betsy NEWTON however is spoken for, as is his son James (married Agnes BRACK 1783 at Lauder).
Exploration of a possible AITCHISON link may bear some fruit for a connection between F-42's and Bob's lines, and with Alexander being a family name (for F-34), possibly there is a connection to one of the early Alexanders in Mellerstain, Earlston?
WebIntroThe match with F-42, may mean we can ignore some of the inconsistencies in the paper trail for Bob (F-44)'s ancestors.
Their respective paper trails indicate that they are highly likely to be third cousins (once removed.)
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Lineage(Testee)Robert John was found to be part of Fairbairn Lineage 1c, hedging bets here given paper trails, phylogram results, and eyeball groupings, so has been assigned to both lineages, click here for chart. 
Lineage(Testee)RJ was found to be part of Fairbairn Lineage 1a, with his paper trail indicating RJ (Bob) F-44 is 3rd cousin once removed to (F-42), albeit that the phylogram shows him as belonging to the 1c branch instead. Suspect that an upgrade to 67 markers wont help here as the untested markers show little variation between the lineages concerned, only in some of the other groups, click here for chart. 
DNAClick here to see the dna results for Robert John and the other FAIRBAIRNs on these Supplementary DNA pages - may have to page down to appropriate haplogroup. 
ChartsLineage 1 DNA Theoretical "Signature" for Lineage 1c
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